Drilling has begun at the Pratt site

Over the past couple of weeks, there has been more activity at both the Pratt and Waste Connections Encana natural gas drilling sites.   Construction of the wall for the Waste Connections site has begun, and for several days last week, some kind of crane apparatus was present at the Pratt site.  Then, on Tuesday, the drilling rig appeared at the Pratt site.  The rig towers above its surroundings, and is easily visible from Hwy 7, Vista Parkway, and even County Line Road.

Last night, while returning home from dinner in downtown Erie, my husband and I drove over to the Vista Ridge neighborhood closest to the Pratt site.  I wanted to see how bright the lights are on the drilling rig, and wanted to hear the sounds that the homeowners closest to the site are experiencing.   We stopped at the park on Crestview Lane and Primrose Lane, got out of the car, and walked around.

The sound of the drilling is a constant low rumble, that reverberates in your head and rattles a bit in your chest.  My husband’s comment was “Wow, I had no idea it would be this loud.”  I instantly felt anger on behalf of all of the homeowners along that street.  Imagine a really annoying noise that you cannot escape — and the idea that the noise will continue for another couple of months.  I want to bring all of the politicians in Colorado to this spot and ask them to consider the role they have each played in stripping residents of peace and tranquility in their homes by allowing drilling/fracking within residential communities.   I urge everyone who cares about this issue to take a drive over to Vista Ridge at night (when the area is otherwise quiet), and listen to the noise that the drilling generates.  It is appalling.

I tried to take some pictures of the bright lights on the drill rig, however my iphone camera did not do it justice.  The microphone on my iphone was also unable to adequately record the sounds to share on this blog.  I will continue to work on finding ways to document this light and noise pollution however, so stay tuned.

While walking our dog later that evening, I could hear the low, background rumble that I now identified as the drilling at the Pratt site.  At least within our house we can escape the sounds; however I wonder if we will be as lucky once drilling begins at the Waste Connections site (which sits less than 0.5 mile from our house).

I was able to get some new photos this morning of the current wall construction and drilling rig at the Waste Connections and Pratt sites (see below).  Happy Thanksgiving!

Wall construction at the Waste Connections site, November 27, 2014.

Wall construction at the Waste Connections site, November 27, 2014.

Drilling rig at the Pratt site, November 27, 2014.

Drilling rig at the Pratt site, November 27, 2014.


2 thoughts on “Drilling has begun at the Pratt site

    • Your question is exactly the type of reaction that all of us homeowners fear: that people will be afraid to move into the Vista Ridge/Vista Pointe communities because of the drilling/fracking activities. Honestly, I still consider this a beautiful, safe place to live. This particular drilling operation is supposed to last ~3 months. Our peace and quiet should eventually be restored. Of course the question is whether or not the Town of Erie will approve future drilling operations at other sites. Without a moratorium (like our neighbors in Broomfield and Boulder), that possibility is always looming. Perhaps other readers care to chime in?


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