“Flames erupting just now over the wall”

That is a quote from a member of the Facebook group “Pratt & WC Well Monitoring by the community (Erie, CO)”

This evening I had the luxury of being home from work early enough to take my dog out into the yard for some frisbee throws while there was remaining daylight.  However, I was instantly struck by an overpowering odor that I can best describe as a combination of chemical and burning stench.  It actually made me feel a bit light-headed as well, so I did not stay outside for too long.

Later, I was browsing Facebook and learned that residents who live close to Encana’s Pratt drilling site had witnessed flames shooting above the level of the wall that surrounds the site.  Someone even called the police out of fear that something unusual was happening.  Yet another member chimed in that this is “normal” for oil and gas operations.  I have already sent an email to two Encana representatives requesting an explanation.

There is video of the flames on that same Facebook page: 

Spread the word.  This is what happens when drilling/fracking operations come to your neighborhood.

I have already called the COCGCC to file a complaint.  You should too.  Here is the number: 303-894-2100

I am very angry.  More to come.


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