Encana pulling out of Erie…..for now

Right now, there is a sense of hope and relief in the Vista Ridge and Vista Pointe neighborhoods in Erie as Encana announced it is temporarily suspending its drilling operations at the Pratt and Waste Connections sites due to the company’s inability to resolve the noise pollution violations. http://erieco.gov/CivicAlerts.aspx?AID=1035

Many residents gathered this morning at the park located at the junction of Crestview and Primrose to show our solidarity, and talk a bit more about what we’ve been experiencing since drilling began the week of Thanksgiving.  While everyone expressed optimism about Encana’s announcement, that happiness was tempered by the consensus that we have a lot of work left to do.

For one thing, anyone who experienced any problems related to the drilling (noise, vibrations, odors) should still submit an official complaint to the COGCC.  That is the only way the state will document and record the complaints.  You can go to the website http://cogcc.state.co.us/ and under the “Forms” heading, select form 18.  You can then either mail it in, or email it directly to Mike Leonard: mike.leonard@state.co.us.

There is also still time to contact the Governor’s Oil and Gas Task Force to express our concerns: ogtaskforce@state.co.us   Share your personal stories, video, pictures, etc.  They need to know how this drilling operation is impacting our quiet, residential community.

After this past Wednesday’s gas flare incident that resulted in noxious fumes outside my house, I am even more concerned that the state is not doing enough to monitor air quality.  Since the flares are intermittent, measures of air pollution need to be done on a constant basis so they do not miss these episodes.

While we have temporary relief in Erie, we must not stop fighting for better regulations and oversight of this industry.  Our health, sanity, and home values depend upon it.



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